With Wipe Professional Crack you can free up a lot of hard drive space on your computer by cleaning up unused data. Manages browser history, cookies, index.dat files, cache, logs, temporary Internet files, auto-fill log, recent document list, recent keyword list in toolbars, cached thumbnails of displayed images, history cache, and more. You can clean your files with Wipe, and you cannot get them back using a program. It is now time to download the latest version of Wipe Pro with Patch from the Upmypc website.

Wipe Pro Crack can remove many gigabytes of junk from your computer and free up a lot of disk space. Further, it will protect your privacy on the Internet by deleting records relating to personal activities on the computer. You can delete your browser history, cache, index.dat files, registry, Internet cookies, autocomplete logs, temporary Internet files, and many other items. Also, this program deletes any other personal activity routes that you took while using your computer, regardless of what programs you were using: Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IDM, etc.

Wipe Professional Crack

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It can be used to remove your browser’s history and cache, clear index.dat files, safely delete cookies, erase your registry and autocomplete data on the Internet, as well as to remove your privacy protection. As well as the browser history of Google, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and many other popular programs, this program will wipe out all traces of online and offline activity from Windows. You can also download R-Wipe & Clean with Patch for free.

With Wipe Professional Crack, you can easily delete large amounts of unused data to make room on your hard drive. The Russian American, Guttmann, and GOST algorithms in Wipe Pro ensure that your data can be totally erased and cannot be recovered. By customizing the cleaning process, the application will enable you to select what needs to be removed instead of what needs to be removed. With Wipe Professional, you can view all programs that contain personal data you do not want to share. In addition, the application will give you detailed information about where your trash can is located on your computer.

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